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Foreign markets interested in ordering Cianjur’s coconut oil March 5, 2006

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ANTARA News – 2006-03-03 11:07:07

Cianjur, W. Java – March 02 2006 – (ANTARA News) – Virgin Coconut Oil produced by farmers in Agrabinta subdistrict, Cianjur, West Java, has penetrated markets in some other countries because of its quality and benefits to health, sources said.

“Farmers in this area have processed their coconut oil traditionally into a product which can reach the markets in some other countries,” Herianto, a supervisor at the state-owned plantation company PTPN VIII in Agrabinta said here on Thursday.

He also said that some countries like the US, Japan and South Korea became interested and had ordered the Indonesian product.

According to him, the company had also trained the farmers in mastering the skills.

He further said that the Agrabinta PTPN VII had also promoted the product in some exhibitions in some parts of Indonesia as well as in some other countries, and covered by local and foreign media.

Research institutions from the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), the Bogor Agricultural of Institute (IPB) and Sucofindo have issued certificates.

The product contains certain acids in balanced quanity which can cure gastric problems, cancer, liver and bronchitis.

Pudjowasito, a member of the local legislative assembly coming from the subdistrict, hoped the government would pay special attention to the local cocunut growers.

“As centre of cocunut producers in Cianjur, support is expected from the government in the form of infrastructure and market access for the people`s economic activities,” he added.

According to him, the local admdinistration has yet to give its attention because the roads are in a bad condition. (*)



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